Has Walmart Given up on Ammo Sales?

Walmart ammo

Now I know this is all completely anecdotal, but I am starting to believe that this might actually be the case. Here in my next of the woods Walmart  (not associated with Gunmart) is literally the only place within a three town radius where you CAN’T find ammo.

I have mentioned it in the past that where I live the ammo drought is over… long ago over. You can literally find anything and everything to make a gun run. Prices are still a little higher than pre-panic levels, but retailers are removing buying limits and store shelves are literally starting to overflow… everywhere that is but Walmart. Its not just gun shops either. Traditional big-box retailers who I have to assume are using the same supply channels as Walmart are literally busting at the seams with ammo.

So why isn’t Walmart overflowing with ammo? Walmart is the largest retailer in the country and can literally dictate to suppliers every aspect of what is on their shelves. So, why are Walmart’s shelves still barren while everyone in my geographical area is overflowing with supply? Has Walmart given up on the ammo market?

  1. Not so sure about that. Out here in PHX, everyone is still out of ammo, WalMart, Cabelas, Bass Pro, gun stores, you name it.

  2. Same in South Carolina. I visit several Walmarts near the Coast and upState and the only ammo in the case is what nobody buys because they don’t have a rifle in that caliber, and that ammo never changes, it’s been there forever. Once in a Blue Moon I find 5.56, .223, or maybe a single box of 9mm. or .380, .40 or .45, but no .22LR or any handgun ammo except as noted. They are awash with EBRs and shotguns, hunting rifles and .22 rifles, but not selling since you can’t buy ammo for them. The rifle ammo is usually .243, .270, 7mm., 30-06 and .300WinMag. Shotshell ammo is still available, but the quantity is shrinking weekly.

  3. I’ve been picking up ammo pretty regularly at our local Walmart… they randomly get shipments of ammo two or three times per week and only let customers purchase three boxes at a time between 7am and 10pm… They are still selling out everything that comes in… and they’ve had a lot come in… I stop by each Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday after working out at a fitness center near our local Walmart… I’ve picked up 1,200 rounds of 115gr 9mm Winchester white box in 100 round value packs ($24.88 per 100 rounds) and 300 rounds of 115gr 9mm Federal in 100 packs ($22.48 per 100 rounds) just this morning – they had about 20 boxes on hand… plus 600 rounds of .22LR CCI Mini-Mags ($7.27 each)… and finally three 525 round bricks of Remington .22LR Golden Bullet ($20.88 per brick) ammo… Our Walmart is usually sold out of pistol and .223/5.5 rifle ammo by 10am each day… I’m not sure what comes in on Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Sunday…

    Our local gun shops and Ace Hardware are also having ammo come in fairly steadily, but it is not staying on the shelves…

    Dann in Ohio

  4. We are in the same situation here in southern central PA. All the LGS and box chains have all the ammo you would ever want, but Wally World is dry as a bone.

  5. they don’t have it because the ammo flippers are grabbing it up and/or bribing the staff.

    they should have a 3 box monthly limit.

  6. Same here in Eastern PA at my local Walmart. It may be up to the individual store manager and frankly, even before the drought my local Walmart’s ammo case was sparse and it seemed that management had little interest in keeping a clerk at the sporting goods counter. You’d have to beg someone at customer service to send someone with a key and then wait for 10 or 15 minutes until they arrived.

  7. Our local Walmart is getting in limited amounts of ammo. Trouble is, the truck gets there on a Saturday morning, they stock the case with whatever they have. By 10 am it is all gone. Any 22LR or 9mm, is gone. They still have ample amounts of 12/20 birdshot, some 7mm and some really expensive 45, but that’s it. The frenzy isn’t over by a long shot.

  8. I have been using ammo-can.net with some success in the Kansas City area. The site isn’t always accurate to the minute, but have been able to score all of the .22, 9mm, and .223/5.56 I need. If the website shows a local Wal-Mart has the ammo you want in stock, make sure to click force check to get a more up to date check. Your mileage may vary, but I have found that when it shows ammo on the website but not when I arrive at the store, sometimes it will show up on the shelves the next day.

    There was a period of time a few weeks ago when the website was very accurate, but it has dropped off since then. Still, it’s better than nothing.

  9. At Walmart in Davie Florida yesterday morning I walked in at 7, that’s when this particular Walmart opens, they were putting out ammo. 40,45,38 Winchester white box and Federal premium .380 which I bought 3 boxes of, they had 12 boxes. But no 22LR. After talking to the sporting goods manager he told me everything is gone by 10 AM and he mentioned if you want ammo at Walmart get there by 7. So I went there the next morning as I read on a blog that Walmart gets ammo on Friday nights and stocks in the morning. There were 4 people there waiting for ammo. after speaking to a one particular guy for 15 minutes while we waited I could tell he was buying to resell. Since I was first I bought my 1000 brick of win 22LR and he bought the 1 left. As I was leaving after picking up a couple other things he was headed back in he said to get some 9 mil they were also stocking. The thing is during our earlier conversations he said he only owned a 22 rifle and a 38. He was also on the phone with another guy who was at the Sawgrass Walmart buying 22LR. This guy knew exactly what brand of 22LR was coming in and the brick size. This is the fffing problem. These guys are buying and reselling and have made the ammo run worse.

  10. A while back, Walmart’s site showed Winchester .22lr bricks in stock at a nearby central Iowa store. I stopped in and found no ammo, but I did find a very helpful associate who hunted down the info on the UPC. She told me that corporate HQ enters it into the database when it loads on the truck and 10 bricks would go on the shelf at 7am the next day. I was second in line when they rolled out a cart full of unopened cases of ammo. Only problem was the 9mm and 22lr boxes were open and only 3 bricks of 22 made it out of the back room. First guy took 2 and I passed on the last one so a lady could have it for her kids.

    On Aug 31 it showed up as in stock again, I was told it goes out tomorrow at 7. At 6:40 the night manager walks by and says no ammo came in. The four of us waiting said it showed up online and he explained how the Walmart inventory system was unreliable. Yeah, right. None of us were buying into that. A little later an associate walked by and asked if we were waiting for ammo, and then said he didn’t know of any but would look. He said he found 3 boxes of 12 gauge where it was supposed to be, at the store managers desk By 7am there were about 10-12 unhappy people waiting and the assistant manager headed into the back. About 10 – 15 minutes later the associate is pushing out a dolly with all sorts of boxes on it. He said somehow it was put in the security cage where the big screen TVs are kept, and in fact someone had made a fort out of TV boxes so the ammo was hidden. There was 9mm, 45acp, and 20 bricks of Winchester, 10 bricks of Federal, and a case (5?) of 1000 rnd Win M-22.

    There probably aren’t many advantages to working at Walmart, so I wouldn’t hold it against an employee to pick up some ammo for their self. It is damned inconvenient when most or all of the shipment is diverted to the gray market, however.

  11. Tried ammo-can this morning at 6 AM and the stock at Walmart by my job was pretty close. Bought 2 boxes Federal Premium 9. Lots of White box 40 and 9 but cant use that stuff too many problems and dirty. From what I can tell, Tuesdays,Fridays and Saturdays, be there at 7 AM. At least in South Florida

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