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7 Year old Libertarian

So just out of the blue the other day the boy said to me that having it be the law that you have to wear a seat belt is kinda like the government being “too bossy”. He went on to say that its a good idea to wear your seat belt, but the government shouldn’t “command you” to do it.

Exit Question: Anyone know where I can buy a ‘Dont Tread On Me’ shirt in youth medium? Heh.

In which I troll the entire gun blog-o-sphere in one single post…

Gasp! I’ve been using “the world’s most controversial holster in the world” to carry my new summer EDC with.

Thats right… What you see pictured there is a Ruger LCR with a Versa Carry holster (Gen 1 – I’ve talked about that a great deal in the past). And guess what… I’m doing it appendix carry! Oh the horror!

Ruger LCR

Exit Question: Too much flash?


Guest Post: Bullet Proof Tactical Armor

I did a review a while back on a piece of soft body armor that was sent my way from the good people over at Safeguard Armor – full write up in the reviews section above. Here is an article that they wrote that speaks on some of the virtues of body armor for LEOs… Enjoy!

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40 Round PMAGS Now Shipping!

Magpul has announced that they are now shipping their 40 round PMAGS. They are referring to these new 40 round PMAGS as “safe capacity” magazines because their capacity “is ideally suited for those who may need to respond to multiple threats without extra rifle magazines carried on their person, or for military members looking for an extra margin of safety in high-tempo operations.”

I would refer to these as ideally suited “home defense” magazines. Couple two of them together and you are gonna be good-to-go for a good long time.

40 round PMAG

MSRP: $19.95

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