Academy Sports No Longer Ashamed of the AR-15

Well, I just got back from a trip to the local Academy Sports, and I was pleasantly surprised to see they have once again gone back to fully embracing the AR-15.

Academy Sports + Outdoors

You will probably remember that in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy a few of the major retailers began to shy away from the AR-15. Dicks Sporting goods stopped all sales of AR-15s and Academy took them off display – they were still selling them, but you had to ask them to show you what they had in stock.

Well, they are now back on the racks for all the world to see. Tactical .22s and the real-deal center fire, shoulder thingy that goes up rifles. They have also moved to greatly expand their selection of AR-15 accessories, and standard capacity magazines (you know, 30 rounders) were in ample supply and featured makes from several different manufacturers.

Bravo, Academy. I once again salute you for standing with gun owners.

*BTW, I will also note that they were over flowing with a wide selection of both ammo and firearms. Price of 5.56 was still steep, but it was there if you needed it. Thats something.

  1. I’m betting, like a lot of other gun shops, they were ordering AR’s by the crate full, and now, they’ve GOT em! So, they need to SELL them. Not so much “standing with gun owners” as “gotta move inventory”.

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