Ammo Update… “Its over”

So I was in a local gun shop/pawn shop over the weekend and I noticed two things:

1. This relatively small, mom and pop shop was overflowing with both pistols and long guns. Thats something that was not the case during the recent buying frenzy that was brought about by the national talks of gun control civilian disarmament. Their shelves were all but bare. Interesting to note is that the vast majority of the pistols on hand were of the small concealed carry variety, and about half of the long guns they had were ARs.

2. They were also overflowing with ammo… something else that their shelves were completely void of during the frenzy. Now, they have literally everything you could possibly imagine as far as selection and quantity are concerned. In addition to that I asked the store owner if he was still imposing buying limits, and he said, “No. You can buy everything on the shelf if you want to.” I chuckled and said to him, “Its over.” To which he replied, “Yep, its over.”

    1. I just got back from one of my local gun shops to pick up a Browning X-Bolt Stainless Stalker in .30-06. Spur of the moment buy lol. I noticed they had TONS of ammo. Bought 2000 rds of CCI .22lr, 250 rds of 7.62×39,, 300 rds of .223 and 200 rds of .40 S&W. They had plenty more when i was leaving with my haul. They literally had ammo I havent seen in almost a year. I’m in Maryland btw. Evil maryland…

  1. Boy howdy. I looked at the Walmart Saturday night but they just had the oddball calibers. I need to check some local stores to see what they’ve got.

  2. I don’t what part of the country you’re in but not in mine. If you can find ammo it’s triple the price and .22lr is few and very far between.

  3. Must be nice. Any chance you can give us the name and address of this honey hole you have found?

  4. I’ve noticed that calibers no one ever buys (22 short, 38 S&W, 32 S&W Long) are in real good supply. Why are they manufacturing ammo in those calibers? You can’t find 22lr anywhere around here. I reload everything else that I shoot, and recently got a nice supply of small pistol primers and an extra five lb of Unique. At least I’ll have a good supply of 9mm, 380, and 38spl. to shoot.

  5. In that last 7 to 10 days… everyone around here has guns in stock… Ace Hardware, Walmart, Mom-n-Pop gun dealers, Bass Pro Shops down in Cincy… some ammo starting to trickle in… but .22LR is still impossible to find and what does come in is gone in minutes…

    Dann in Ohio

    1. Or its just a rogue wave, and things will be back to “the new normal” very shortly. I didnt do this post to gloat or be cocky… I do think its is still time to “buy and stack it high”. I think with what we are still hearing from the industry folks is that they are still having a hard time. I read an article the other day that brass is the big bottleneck for them right now.

  6. Yeah, my local gunstore got mountains of ammo too. But it’s the price that gives me a nose bleed: $23 for 9mm FMJ, even more for .40 and .45 and $15 for 20 rds. of 5.56mm FMJ.

  7. About a month ago I called Armalite and requested a catalog and the guy who answered the phone siged and kinda moaned and said “With the buying frenzy and our backorders we won’t be shipping any rifles for the next 2 years!” He finaly took my name and address for a catalog and I said”Don’t worry sometime soon this will all be over and you won’t be bothered by having TOO MANY C

  8. ”Don’t worry sometime soon this will all be over and you won’t be bothered by having TOO MANY CUTOMERS anymore!”
    I know I won’t bother with buying anything from Armalite!!!

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