An entire gun category on Jeopardy last night!

And I did horrible!

Yes, they had an entire category on Jeopardy last night that was completely devoted to ‘You son of a gun’… Sons of gun makers… They were pretty easy questions actually (I cant find video yet), but apparently the area of my brain where I store all the gunnie K-No-Ledge is not in the same area of my brain that I go to retrieve the info that I usually need to play Jeopardy.

Yeah I did horrible and I didnt get a single question correct. It was like watching a baby giraffe trying to walk for the first time. I just couldnt get anything to work right. It was sad and pathetic, and The Wife rubbed it in real good.

Interesting to note… All of the competators on the show wouldnt touch the category until there were no questions left and they had to… and even then they were not happy about it.