I kinda got “made” yesterday…

Alternate Headline: Well, that’s a first.

I say “kinda” because I am pretty sure that I was indeed made, but not a word was said about it, and nothing ever came of it.

I was dressed in business attire so I was using a tuck-able holster to carry my Ruger LCR. It was pretty obvious from following their eyes and by judging their facial expression that the person I was talking to noticed the holster’s hooks (the only thing ever visible with a tuck holster), and knew exactly what it was.

But as the old saying goes… you have to be “in-the-know” to know and those people never care. The person didn’t care because they were indeed in-the-know. Like I said, nothing was ever said. I knew they noticed, but we just went about our business and nothing ever came of it.

Media: OMG! Man brings gun to office! OMG! [Buried deep in the story: No one shot, but OMG!]

  1. Since I open carry, I get “made” all the time, but folks rarely mention it and I’ve yet to experience a bad encounter with anyone here in liberal western WA.

    It probably helps that I dress pretty normal in clothes that don’t even whisper “tacticool” and I’m quick to smile and chat with folks.

  2. I was at my doctor’s office he was checking a operation wound and he jumped back saying hey you have a pistol in your back pocket. You can’t bring a gun in here any more I told him I was licensed to carry and being disabled I would have to see a new doctor that I always carry.

  3. I got made way back when after I bent over to tie my shoe in the grocery store while checking out. I was carrying in front and the pistol popped out as I bent over. I coughed up a full size combat revolver at everybody’s feet. Oops! Time for that custom carry holster.

  4. I have a crossbreed holster for my XDS and have noticed people looking at the clips when I have my shirt tucked. It’s usually while I’m standing in line somewhere. Like you said though, if they know, they know.. Most people think it’s just a cell phone clip or something.

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