1. IMO. Just another fad.
    Honestly, I do not understand someone wanting to have a handgun in a rifle caliber. The ammo is designed for the longer barrel and shooting .223 or 7.62X39 from a <12" barrel defeats the purpose of what the ammo was designed for. You will not get maximum muzzle velocity, just a lot of flame and noise from powder burning in the air instead of propelling the bullet. But maybe some people get a kick from that. Accuracy will also suffer. Maybe it looks impressive for short range firefights, but I would go with a regular handgun and leave the rifle calibers to a rifle. What's next? A handgun that shoots 30-06?

    1. I agree. But a pistol caliber Abe with a stock errrr uhhhh arm brace would be pretty sweet. I’d opt for a .45 though

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