Dolos AR 15 Quick Detach Barrel System

Do want…

The Dolos (Greek god of deception) is a revolutionary new product being exclusively sold through Copper Custom that allows the user to quickly remove their barrel, or change calibers, in seconds on their AR15 rifle or pistol with no tools. There are other takedown systems on the market, but none can compete with the Dolos in terms of speed, handiness or repeatable accuracy after a barrel change. To break the rifle or pistol down, simply lock the bolt to the rear, turn the aluminum handguard and pull the barrel assembly straight out of the receiver. To reinstall the barrel, insert it into the receiver and twist the handguard. The kit comes with a handguard, locking ring and set screw. Installation takes only a few minutes and the Dolos is compatible with any mil-spec AR15 upper.

The kit is designed to work with any carbine or pistol length direct impingement gas system.  Currently Huntertown Arms is shipping a 7″ handguard. The kit is designed to work only with direct gas impingement systems and is not compatible with gas piston conversions. The Dolos works fine with railed gas blocks on carbine length or longer barrels.


  • Aluminum handguard
  • Steel locking ring (58 Rockwell)
  • No tools required for barrel change
  • Works with 300 Blackout or 5.56 for rapid caliber changes
  • Compatible with any mil-spec upper
  • Installs in a few minutes
  • Lifetime warranty on wear parts

$169 at Copper Custom