Follow Up on the KOA Anti-Gun Incident…

You will remember this story the other day in which William informed us about KOA campgrounds getting mad about him carrying a gun… on his own property.

Here is KOA’s response to his letter and request for an apology.

Dear William,

Thank you for contacting the KOA Home Office.Ā Kampgrounds of America Incorporated recognizes and adheres to all local and federal laws regarding the use or possession of firearms in public. Our KOA campgrounds are independently owned and operated.


You can give KOA a piece of your mind here:

KOA Arco
KOA Corporate

Oh yeah… They are on facebook too…

  1. Note the complete lack of acknowledgement that the owner shouldn’t have done it while representing them. They don’t care it seems, as a friend of mine put it yesterday to me: Imagine if a McDonalds said something racist, Corporate would immediately demand an apology etc. But since this is just the 2nd amendment….

  2. I got a better idea than giving them a piece of my mind. They made my black list. I wont be staying at their facilities anytime soon.

  3. I have always looked for KOA as we travel, No more, I carry my weapon legally concealed. Sorry KOA I will pass this on to all my retired friends who travel and carry weapons.

  4. Weather you carry a gun or not, you have to boycott any business that is against you civil rights.

  5. My solution would be to have pulled it out of the holster and fired a couple shots away from the fence, then asked him if he wanted to try it out.

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