Framing the debate – More of this please…

OK, now I am about to say something here that a bunch of people will think is taboo and is something that you are “not supposed to say”… OK… Are you ready? Here goes…

He’s black:

Gun ad

Thats racist! You can’t say that type of thing! You are not supposed to say anything about the color of his skin! You’re a racist, and a bigot! You gun owners are all alike. Just a bunch of racist bigots! You hate black people! …

– Said every race-baiter ever.

Thats a Rock Island Armory ad that I saw recently in a gun rag, and while I know Rock Island is ultimately just buying advertising because they want to sell guns, I just have to say that this is the path to victory, folks. We need more of this!

No, I am not talking about ‘pandering to black people‘ or using ‘token black people‘ or any other type of race-baiting spin that you want to put on this to call me a racist. I am talking about framing the debate. If those slimy Dems in Washington can teach us anything its that if you want to win the debate, then you have to be the one to frame the debate. And this ad that you see above is exactly the type of messaging that will do just that.

This is the path to victory, folks. Get on-board if you want to put an end to the civilian disarmament movement in this country.

  1. +1 I love to see this type of thing. Taurus does a great job too with their ads that feature women.

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