Our second revolution will be led by Sam Adams…

“Eureka!” He said in the middle of the grocery store. lol

I posted the other day about how the Molotov Cocktail seems to be the liberation weapon of choice lately in places like the Ukraine and Venezuela and what not… and I posed the question that if – God forbid – it did come down to that here in the good old U.S.-of-A. how in the hell are we going to arm up with all these damn plastic bottles that we have here…


For some stupid reason, it never dawned on me that beer is of course all bottled in glass bottles…


And you know what that means… The revolution will be led by none other than Sam Adams. How about a nice tall glass of liberty, you tyrannical son-of-a-b*tch!


Alternate Headline: News you can use. 😉

Alternate Headline: Hmmm, I bet we could launch this pony-keg.


  1. Glass Perrier bottles work better. They carry a larger payload than a beer bottle and shatter more reliably. Wine bottles are also glass and are the traditional molotov container, but they tend to be too heavy to throw very far and often don’t shatter reliably. Find the glass Perrier bottles, they’re perfect for molotovs.

    Also, don’t use a flaming rag for the ignition source; it’s dangerous to the user as a spark could go into the bottle and ignite the cocktail in your hand, gasoline can slosh and drip everywhere when you go to throw the cocktail (again, risking setting yourself on fire), and any snipers the government has watching the crowd will immediately zoom in on the guy holding a flaming bottle. Instead, cap the bottle and grip it by the neck as a handle; you can throw the bottle further this way. Duct tape two waterproof storm matches to the bottle and ignite those just before throwing; it’s far safer to the user and attracts much less notice.

  2. Well, they always show the flaming rag jammed into the neck of the bottle. A better rag method is to cap the bottle and tie the rag around the neck instead. The rag should be soaked with something less dangerous than gasoline. You still get the flaming shoot-here target indicator, though.

    It is possible to get much more technical and use a chemically-reactive combo instead of any flaming igniter. This is pretty much the pinnacle of Molotov tech.

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