Open Carry – You’re doing it wrong…

Look, if you are going to open carry a rifle to protest professional gun grabbers than at least do it without the #FAIL. Leave the #DERP at home next time…

Open Carry fail

*Rear sight backwards, no front sight.

**Dont muzzle yourself either!


10 Responses to Open Carry – You’re doing it wrong…

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  2. Aren’t you more concerned with the Rule Two violation – the hand resting on the muzzle?

  3. Having watched AMCs the walking dead, I’m pretty certain he has them on right, like they are even necessary….

  4. Makes you wonder if he’s a plant

  5. Baby blue gloves? Yeah he’s liberal plant. They screwed up with the gloves.

  6. Probably has a red flash hider

  7. That’s why he’s muzzling himself, to hide the orange tip on his airsoft gun.

    Doesn’t open carry require a sling so the rifle can be worn. I think that really is a BB gun or airsoft.