Review: SafeGuard Soft Body Armor Carrier

If you have been following along with the blog of late then you might have noticed the couple of reviews that I recently published of products sent by the good people over at SafeGuard Armor. If you are not familiar with SafeGuard Armor, they are a company that has been in the body armor business for more than 10 years now… they have a pretty good catalog of body armor products to choose from and they have many satisfied customers around the world. From the time that I have spent working with their products I have come to greatly appreciate the quality of the products that they sell as well as their high level of service.

The product that I want to talk to you about today is their Soft Body Armor Carrier. What this product is designed to do is to be a way to use their soft body armor panels that come with their concealable body armor and make it more suitable for the hard everyday abuse.

Body Armor Carrier

Safeguard Armor has a unique design for the outer shells of their concealable body armor that they call “CoolMAX”. Most concealable body armor has some sort of design feature to aid in ventilating the vest in some way to help make it more breathable… but the “CoolMAX” system that they have come up with does this extremely well. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the vest breathed during my testing of the product.

Safeguard Stealth Body Armor

The downside of this CoolMAX design is that the fabric is going to be very prone to snagging on things and getting damaged. Thats not going to be an issue at all if the armor is worn concealed as it is designed to be, but it is something that will quickly become a liability if you are wearing this externally.

The very simple solve to this problem is to make a carrier that will stand up to the wear and tear of external wear. And that is exactly what SafeGuard Armor has done. Simply pull your armor panels out of your concealable armor carrier and slide them right into this carrier for external use.

Body Armor Carrier

The carrier that they have designed is constructed of a heavy-duty Cordura material that is very tough. They also were smart enough to incorporate their excellent CoolMAX design into the underside of the carrier which aids greatly in the breath-ability and all day comfort of the product. The shoulders are not adjustable but are one-size fits most, and are very strong and supportive. The waist however is adjustable with three-inch Velcro straps on each side. The neck also has an elastic collar.

Body Armor Carrier

Overall, its really a great product. Its not setup to be a tac-vest, and you cant really attach anything at all to it. Its just a simplistic way to give you a very durable way to wear your armor as an external vest. Its very well constructed and both the materials and the craftsmanship make this a product that will hold up nicely to hard use. Its an excellent companion to any of their concealable body armors, or it would make a great carrier to setup a very basic, no frills external piece of soft body armor.