Overheard in a gun shop…

Internet Commando

Said the guy behind the counter…

… I belong to about 30 internet forums…

Good grief! I think everyone in the shop heard me roll my eyes. Wait. You mean to tell me that you are an Internet Commando AND a Gun Counter Jockey? Tell me more about how awesome that Kimber 1911 is.

So just to recap here… Question everything that the guy behind the gun counter tells you if he belongs to a gun forum(s), and question everything the guy at the gun forum says if he tells you he works at a gun shop. YMMV.

And oh yeah…

I think you get the correlation there that I was going for.

  1. Well instead of looking at this as a positive, you instantly turn it into a negative. Since the guy works at a gun shop, maybe he goes on the forums to see what is going on in the industry. And maybe, just maybe he might be a gun owner, he even might one more than one firearm and might want to learn more about them and at the same time be more knowledgeable at his job.

    With that said, I think subscribing to your blog puts me over the limit of the acceptable number of firearm related sites I visit. Good bye.

    1. The issue is in the attempt to support legitimacy by claiming to have usernames. Just like saying you know all about Special Operations because you play paintball with some former members.

      There is no issue taken with an attempt to improve a working knowledge. Its just that there is so much misinformation on forums that the truth can even be suspect.

  2. I do not see the before or after part of this conversation, so claiming he was legitimizing anything is a stretch at best, since you were not there. This ridiculous blog post is only about someone claiming to go on gun forums, which labels him as ” Internet Commando AND a Gun Counter Jockey”.

  3. Perna, clearly this post got you butthurt, and that’s too bad. Butthurt is a disease that all internet commandos and sometimes gun shop jockeys get stemming from clomplacency form having to put newbs in their place and spewing total bullshit at every corner because that’s what you learned on the internet. I heard the only cure is to crawl out of your basement, wince through the sunlight, hike up your skirt, and get a damn life. Also, I bet your username is too legit to quit. wanna prove me right?

  4. Not butthurt at all, just calling the hypocrisy as I see it. Clearly this blog is full of operators overseas, not sure how one of you was in a gun store in the States, and then blogged about it.
    I had already unsubscribed, I didnt know I had to uncheck things from this blog to stop receiving the witty replys.

    1. I can tell you I am not a operator, I am not overseas, I didnt stay at a holiday inn last night, but I have run across internet operators working at a gun shop counter. Lemme tell you what, those guys are either borderline retarded or completely hilarious in the crap that is allowed by their employers to come out of their mouths. I thought this post was pretty damn funny and for the most part true. The real gun guys behind the counter are becoming a thing of the past.

  5. How is this hypocricy? because you take exception to the fact that you either find all of your gun related info either on the internet or from your favorite gun shop operator? Don’t get me wrong, we all go to google or bing or whatever when we have a gun or gear related question, but it is so easy to get the wrong info, even if it looks cool and kinda makes sense. Go to a Cabela’s or a Bass Pro or a gnader or even a mom and pop store that has anyone under the age of 35 behind the counter. you will find a member of Internet Commando battallion L337 stationed at FOB mom’s basement or Fort Messy apartment where he carries out his ground asaaults and firemissions on Call of Duty. It isn’t everyone, but it is getting to be more and more prevalant.

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