EXTREMELY lightweight and easy to carry…

I have opined the virtues of the Ruger LCR in the past on this here gun blog, and I have told you in the recent review that I wrote how the light weight and carry-ability of the gun was a major deciding factor in my recent purchase. Well… I found out the other day just how much that rings true.

So, I was just sitting around the house all day the other day and it was hot-as-balls out (Yes, thats a saying – pardon me if you are easily offended) so I was dressed for the occasion. I wasn’t planning on going anywhere that day so in an effort to trying to beat-the-heat I was wearing nothing more than an Under Armor t-shirt and shorts. Well, The Wife called and informed me that I would have to run to the grocery store for her and I was suddenly faced with a dilemma… Overcome my laziness and desire to not go upstairs and change or just go un-armed.

To my surprise, the combination of the LCR and The World’s Most Controversial Holster in the World that you see pictured below actually carried very nicely in the gym shorts. The most shocking part was that I didn’t even tie the drawstring of the shorts… but the gun rode just fine. I was pleasantly surprised. The weight of the gun was so inconsequential that the loose fitting gym shorts didn’t sag at all. Everything rode great for the quick trip.

Ruger LCR

Now, I wont recommend this to any of you out there in Internet-land and I certainly would not choose to do this again myself, but it got the job done. It probably would work out just fine again as long as it was not an extended outing, and I certainly would not recommend it for jogging/exercise or anything like that. As always… YMMV.


  1. I often carry my Ruger LCR or LCP for similar reasons… when I work out on weights at the fitness center I belong to three times each week… with a t-shirt and gym shorts with an elastc bad and a draw-string… either of those guns are better than nothing and anything else of much weight… well it just doesn’t work in light-weight shorts…

    Dann in Ohio

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