Impact Guns Gives Kel-Tec the Finger

Ouch. That is gonna leave a mark… On the product page for the RMR-30 Carbine they had this to say:

RMR-30 Carbine

Availability: Dream On

Reality Check:
We ehope (sic) to sell a lot of these carbines– someday. Can you expect to really get one anytime soon? The sad truth is that Kel-Tec cannot deliver product in any realistic quantity. So we offer it for sale with this caveat: Buyer Beware- not really available anytime soon.

  1. Ouch! They’re just saying what everyone knows.

    I wonder what the deal is with KelTec: they have so many good ideas and their guns are in demand but the production has always been lacking in QC and volume. What’s up with that?

    1. Its simply poor senior level management. If they got somebody in there who knew how to run a manufacturing plant and knew about distribution, it could be turned around practically overnight.

      They have great gun designs. Thats first and foremost. Now just get the other couple pieces of the puzzle into place and go ahead and become one of the best gun manufacturers on the planet.

  2. They are just such a small company they can’t make enough guns for the demand. Once they finish a run of one gun, they make the next gun in their production rotation.

  3. It’s a good problem to have… People lined up to give them money. However, people will only wait for so long.

    Kel-Tec needs to make a large investment into production, R&D is obviously fine. Take some risk… Employ more workers, get more production space, help the economy. It’s really a win-win for all.

  4. I had heard that Kel-Tec was involved with some aerospace contracts & it seems there focus was more positioned there. (???)
    As others have said, with some investment, they could be making LOTS more! It really stinks when customers ask for their products and you simply cannot deliver.

  5. I’ve been waiting and waiting to find a Sub2000 with Glock 17 mags in my local gun store but they can only say that they’ll get some sooner or later. Knowing Kel Tec, I think that it’s going to be later. So in the meantime, I’m in a contest on s to win one. It’s a long shot but I will keep my fingers crossed. There are some good prizes here in the contest and the raffle.
    I hope you guys all get your Kel Tecs sooner, rather than later.

  6. Own a PMR30 and have had numerous problems with it. Now a problem with round pickup and ejection.Sent it back to Kel-Tec and was told it could take 8 weeks to be returned. Sounds me like they need some help. Slow to build and very slow to fix.

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