A Family of Guns

That can have several meanings… and in this case it does. Over at GGG&G (is that enough Gs?) they are talking about their family of SR9s that their Family has set up as their defensive firearms…. I also have to say, I always love the pics that show up at that blog.

We all have access to the same guns that operate the same way, take the same cartridge, use the same magazines, take-down and re-assemble the same way… well, you get the point… when we’re together at home or out and about… our family can work as a defensive unit… not as three folks who have no idea what the other folks are trying or likely to do.

  1. Thanks for the link… I know considering the whole family is not always a typical thought when selecting a handgun and I’m sure opinions will vary on the subject… then again… we’re typically ten to thirty minutes from the sheriff’s deputies out where we live…

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