Why do the police need “mass shooting guns”?

Gun Control

Actual Headline from the LA Slimes…

“No one becomes a mass shooter without a mass-shooting gun”

Really? A mass-shooting gun? These people are making the case that ‘Only the police’ should have “mass shooting guns”. These are the same people who made the case for the longest time that cops in America are systematically hunting down and murdering black people. These are also the people who think that the GOP and Trump are literally Nazis (which I talked about the answer to that one yesterday).

So do tell, liberals, why do the police need an ‘evil baby killing mass shooting gun’? The comment section is all yours.




  1. I have been asking that question, for DECADES, and have yet to get a Clear Answer from a single Politico, or Law Enforcement Officer… There is NO Justifiable Reason for ANY Civilian Law Enforcement Organization to possess, let alone deploy, any Full Automatic, or Select Fire Weapons, PERIOD.. Look at the evidence, of HISTORY… There has NEVER been a Legally Held NFA Weapon used in a Lawless Act, PERIOD… Even in the LA Bank Robbery incident where illegally held Full Auto Weapons were used, agains the LAPD, and the weapons the LEOs had were in adequate against the Preps, wearing Body Armor, it was a Bolt Action Rifle that the LAPD acquired illegally from a local GunShop, that was used to down two of the Perps… This was a DIRECT Violation of the Gun control Act of 1968 as amended for those LEOs, to “Borrow” that weapon from the FFL, without doing the REQUIRED ATF Paperwork, and that is a FEDERAL Felony, PERIOD… Full Auto Weapons are a “Spray & Pray” weapon, used for Fire Suppression of the enemy… LEOs can NOT justify in ANY stretch of the imagination, the use of a “Spray & Pray” Tactic… I dare ANYONE, to come up with a senerio where an AUTOMATIC Weapon is Needed, without Marshal Law being declared, and facing a MOB or Armed People intent on Killing ALL LEOs everywhere… I subscribe to the SEALs saying “One Shot, One Kill” and that will end ANY Civilian LE encounter… Why do you think SWAT uses Bolt Action and SemiAuto Rifles?

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