The best thing about the Franklin Armory Reformation is the ammo

So by now you have seen the news of the Franklin Armory Reformation. It has no rifling, but rather straight-cut lands and grooves. The barrel imparts no spin on the projectile.

Coupled with this they have also introduced a new fin-stabilized ammo. Seen here and here.

ammo 2

ammo 1

This new fin-tailed ammo brings the new Franklin Armory Reformation rifle from a 4 MOA performance (with traditional ammo) down to a 1 MOA performance (with the newly designed ammo seen above).

So, my question here is this… What type of performance will this new fin-tailed ammo give out of a traditional rifle with traditional rifling?

My thoughts are that given the performance boost we see from a rifle with no traditional rifling, it would have to also give a performance boost over traditional ammo if fired from a traditional rifled barrel.

Would it shoot flatter, faster, and more accurately? Would it impart more energy at longer ranges? I think that it would.

The bullets developed for the Franklin Armory Reformation look very similar to a football design that Nerf sells…


These footballs throw much faster and further than a similar sized football and they do so with much greater ease of effort put into the throw. They are almost always a perfect spiral too, so of course they would be great for stabilizing the bullets out of the Franklin Armory Reformation.

These footballs are just simply put… way more efficient. I think that this type of bullet design would also yield more efficiency in flight when fired from a traditional rifle. My thoughts here are long range hunting ammo or long range match accuracy.


  1. Check out Taofledermaus on that youtube thingummy. Long axis fin stabilized projectiles work poorly out of rifled barrels as concentricity and any lateral disruptions (cross wind) cause the projectiles to yaw horribly. Short axis fin stabilized projectiles fare better out of both smooth and rifled barrels.
    If Franklin Armory gets these darts right, the little “SBR that isn’t” could be a good 100 yard or better tool. In any event, the workaround, is certainly innovative and will have the fora buzzing for months.


  2. Ian and Karl at InRangeTV and Forgotten Weapons appear to think that this is a “fool and his money” sort of deal. With a $2000 price point, I have to say I agree. Without spin, all sorts of variables start to affect accuracy which I do not see funny-looking projectiles as able to overcome. I forecast wild inaccuracy with gusts of keyholing in the coming weeks.

  3. Couldn’t one just put a 3″ (or whatever length) rifled muzzle device on the barrel to spin the bullets and use regular ammo?
    I believer the barrel is threaded as using a suppressor was mentioned.
    It would be like putting a rifled choke in your smooth bore shotgun.

    1. Geoff, how long would that last with translating projectiles suddenly hitting lands to rotate them? Sounds like a recipe for disaster

    2. Geoff, how long would that last with translating projectiles suddenly hitting lands to rotate them? Sounds like a recipefor disaster

  4. Love it when people talk about something with their opinions. Test it, record results, publish scientific results then comments will mean something.

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