Anti-Gun Woman Shoots for the First Time… Guess What Happens?

Daria Bruno, Nancy Kirsch and Julie Golob So, radio show host Daria Bruno and NRA star, Julie Golob go to the range. They are joined by writer, Nancy Kirsch. Daria ( Lock, Stock and Daria) and Julie Golob are very much pro-gun ladies. Nancy Kirsch, on the other hand, not so much. Well, when you take…

  1. The Rhode Island Monthly link is to an interview of Bruno by Kirsch. This exchange:

    “Best beginners’ gun?”

    “A 22. It has light recoil, [is] easy to manage, accurate and [has] a very lethal round. People see the kickback in movies…99 percent of that is fiction.”

    The .22 is “a very lethal round”? And “kickback [sic] in movies”?

    I know nothing about Ms. Bruno (this is the first time I’d ever heard of her), but something’s amiss here. If the quote is accurate, I’d call her misinformed. But if she really is an “NRA star,” then perhaps Kirsch got the quote wrong.

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