Katie Couric Finally Apologizes For Deceptive Editing Of Anti-Gun Documentary

Katie Couric apologized and accepted responsibility for her part in misrepresenting gun rights activists in her upcoming documentary “Under the Gun,” Monday. “I take responsibility for a decision that misrepresented an exchange I had with members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League,” Couric said in a statement. The Global News Anchor for Yahoo has been under…

  1. Any reporter who has already formed an opinion on guns is not capable of FAIR and EQUAL reporting of the facts or information regarding gun crimes, gun use, gun used by law abiding citizens for self defense.
    All they think is that GUNS-BAD.
    Anti gun ownership laws -GOOD.
    Why is it that when a person is in a horrible traffic accident, they blame the person responsible, not the car.
    Why is it that if something happens because of a person intoxicated on booze, they blame the person and NOT the booze maker?
    Why is it that when something happens involving a gun, people blame the gun and the gun maker and NOT the person who misused the gun?
    I believe that guns are used more by law abiding people to protect themselves and their families or others than they are by criminals. Often a gun is used and a shot is not even fired. Lawful gun carrying citizens have used guns to back up police in more than just a few incidents.
    Guns are not going to just turn to dust and blow away.
    Most gun owners will NOT turn over their guns even if a law is passed. They will just move from the law abiding group to the criminal group because of politicians passing unfair laws to try to take guns away from law abiding people who insist on having a tool to defend their families with against violent criminals who now think very little about breaking into someones house, even if the people are home at the time.

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