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Well, now there is a case where an NYPD officer is blaming the Glock for his negligent discharge that killed someone.

Bob has his commentary on his site… here

These same firearms—combined with poor training, tactics, and equipment—have also been linked to a significant majority of the negligent discharges we’ve reported on here at Bearing Arms in the past few year, including many of the fatal ones.

I’d like to emphasize, clearly, that I am not against these firearms in the hands of properly-trained shooters. In fact, many of the best-trained shooters I know prefer striker-fired handguns, particularly Glocks.

  1. Seems like Bob is holding his finger across the trigger in that picture above in the exact same mannor that he is denouncing people for doing in the article you linked to.

    Bob is a hypocrite.

    Don’t be like Bob.

  2. NYPD pistols have a special 10 pound trigger.
    Ten pounds – That’s more or less what it takes to fire most revolvers in double action.

    You remember when police carried revolvers, right? And they didn’t have manual safeties, because with those 10 pound DA triggers, they didn’t need them.

    Now some NYPD dufuss pulls that 10 pound trigger and kills someone, and it’s the gun’s fault.

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