Q: Polymer AR-15 Lowers…

Look, I’ve never fooled around with Polymer AR-15 lowers or 80% poly lowers. But in my readings of the inter-webs, it seems that the major point of failure occurs at the point where the buffer tube connects to the lower…

Polymer lower receiver failure

So my question is this… Isn’t the solve here to produce an aluminum upper where the bolt carrier attaches to the upper rather than the lower, and then have a poly/80% lower that does not have the buffer tube attached to it at all?

I know that nobody produces an upper receiver of this nature, but can it be done? Will it work or not?

  1. Those were the Gen 1 lowers. I had one break exactly the same way.
    Polymer80 replaced FREE including shipping when I contacted them and sent photos.
    They sent me a Gen 2 which has kevlar threads embedded in the polymer.
    Much more sturdy. Hasn’t failed yet, probably over a thousand rounds so far.

  2. I can’t seem to find it again, but there is an upper that incorporates a side charging handle and the buffer and spring and somehow works the bolt and the lower uses a shortened bolt so no buffer tube. It was designed as an AR Pistol to not have the buffer tube.
    Maybe somebody remembers where it was posted.

  3. I can’t remember which company it is, but one of them is producing a polymer lower with a steel insert for attaching the buffer tube along the same lines as every polymer pistol has for the slide rails. That makes the most sense to me, because it keeps everything compatible with standard AR parts.

  4. The polymer lower with the steel inserts is the American Tactical Imports “Omni” hybrid lower.
    Its steel insert encompasses the rear takedown pin, and the buffer tube threads.
    (I’ve looked into it, but haven’t pulled the trigger on it, as it were.)

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