Yes, Anti-gun politicians are really that st00pid..

In Kalifornistan, the same people serving along side Senator Ghost Gun now want “ammo control”.

One problem, while its still relatively complex to ‘ghost gun’ people are turning out 1,000s of rounds at a time with relative ease. Hell, you can buy everything you need for all your ‘evil high capacity reloading’ needs on Amazon… and they are f*cking anti-gun.


Alternate headline: Good luck with that!

  1. And loading your own is generally cheaper than commercial ammo on a per round basis.
    I load .223 for an average of 30 cents each, 300BLK for 40 cent average.
    9mm. I have enough, but costs 13 cents each round.
    AND my Mosin Nagant 7.62X54R for 50 cents a round.
    Brass cost not included as it is a one time expense.
    Initial investment for equipment not included.

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