The shooting of VA news crew shows what horrible human beings the MSM are…


Two words: Self aggrandizing.

Thats the only reason the national media ran to this story and started pounding it non-stop like they are right now. Oh, and because it was caught on camera – If it bleeds it leads – so its a slam dunk to be able to sensationalize it.

Seriously, they are covering this non-story like it was a national public figure that was murdered. It wasn’t. The news story here is that two people that nobody has ever heard of were shot and killed because someone they work with had a beef with them. Its tragic, but it would probably only garner about 30 seconds on a local news broadcast… BUT, the media ran to this story because it was one of them. They wanted to turn this into a pull-at-your-heart-strings story because they wanted to be self aggrandizing and talk about how noble and wonderful they all are by building up these two people who so tragically lost their lives. What you are seeing here is the pure narcissism of the national media in full-on display. This is not a national news story.

But, wait… It now looks like the killer was also one of them. Oops. There goes that whole bow-and-worship at the feet of the noble journalist narrative now doesn’t it.

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