Review: Crossbreed Holsters UltiClip

Not too long ago I had a package show up here at the Gunmart Blog Test Kitchen from the good people over at Crossbreed Holsters. One of the goodies inside the box was one of their latest and greatest items to hit the market… The UltiClip.

UltiClip from Crossbreed

So, its a clip. OK, so what? Well, yes, its just a holster clip. Its made of aluminum and can be used to replace just about any clip on just about any holster out there on the market. Not really all that earth shaking, except that it is exactly that… earth shaking. What the UltiClip does is completely negate the need for a belt when carrying a holstered firearm.

‘OMG! You can’t concealed carry without a belt! OMG! How can you say that!’

Yes, thats a bold statement, but it actually does ring true. What the UltiClip does is give you the option to now carry a holstered firearm in situations where a belt is not an option or where you simply don’t want to wear a belt… A Swimsuit, Athletic shorts, stuff it in a backpack or a large utility bag, a brief case, a purse… The possibilities are truly limitless. You can now put a holster pretty much anywhere that you desire and carry in just about any situation or position… No belt or Molle-type attachment system needed.

UltiClip Crossbreed

How does it do this? Well, its a pretty simple design that is amazingly well executed. There is nothing really complicated about its design… Its merely a clip and clamp that holds the holster in place extremely well. Its incredibly robust, and the amount of retention that you get from the UltiClip… even on the most flimsy of fabrics… is downright amazing. I was amazed with its performance. I tried the product out on many different applications and with many different types of fabrics and was not able to make it fail to remain in place. Its an absolute death-grip wherever you decide to place it.

UltiClip Crossbreed

Its an amazingly versatile product, with literally limitless possibilities for its use. The way I think that it will be put into service in my household is with The Wife using this to expand her concealed carry options. I have talked in the past on the blog about her going through the process of attaining her concealed carry permit and searching for the perfect concealed carry purse. She has several options when it comes to purses, but as of right now Coach still does not produce a line of concealed carry purses… but the UltiClip will allow her to carry in any purse or any bag that she desires. Problem solved!

Here it is in use inside of a backpack…

UltiClip Crossbreed

Here it is inside of a briefcase…

UltiClip Crossbreed

I am very impressed with the UltiClip, and it is going to be put to very good use in my house. For only $10 its a great way to expand your ability to carry a concealed firearm in a variety of ways. I highly recommend it. Its a very well made product that accomplishes what it sets out to do in a highly effective way.

*All photos done with the iPhone 6