Taurus inks MLB pitcher to pitch Curve…

In the most recent Gun Rag to arrive at the door, MLB pitcher Andrew Cashner

Andrew Cashner Taurus Curve

OK… Lets talk about this for a a little bit…

1st: Yes, Pitcher… Curve… Wacha Wacha Wacha!

2nd: This is a pretty big get for Taurus. For any MLB player to come forward and unabashedly be pro-gun, let alone actually do an endorsement like this in today’s PC world is a pretty big deal. I fully expect that he is going to catch a sh*t-storm for this from the rabid left. So, good for him for standing up for the 2nd Amendment.

3rd: Because of the coming sh*t-strom, we have a duty as a group to circle the wagons to protect him, and to publicly praise him for his bravery for being outspoken like this. We need to do the same anytime an athlete, celebrity, or public figure speaks out for gun rights. It takes guts to stick your neck out there like he is doing, and if we want to encourage this type of behavior it needs to be celebrated and rallied behind. Here he is on Twitter. Go give him a shout out.

  1. I aploud Andrew, for not being afraid to express his appreciation of being able to excercise his second amendment. I only wish that more responsible and gun safety educated athletes would come out and endorse safe weapon handling for both recreational and for personal defense purposes.
    I salute your bravery!
    Joe F.
    Riverside, Ca.

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