Review: ATI Tactlite Stock & Adjustable Cheekrest Kit and Scorpion X2 Grip

I mentioned not too long ago that ATI Gun Stocks sent me over a few of their new products to work with. The package that showed up here at the Gunmart Blog Test Kitchen included their new Tactlite stock, Tactlite Adjustable Cheekrest Riser kit, and their new Scorpion X2 grip.


ATI AR-15 X2 Scorpion Recoil Pistol Grip

The X2 is the newest version of ATI’s tried-and-true Scorpion pistol grip. I found that the incorporated improvements in this newest model make this a very good product and a great improvement over the earlier model.


There are several things that I really liked about this grip, but lets start with the most obvious… the recoil reducing backstrap. The rear of this pistol grip is designed with a rubbery recoil pad built into the grip. It does a very good job of reducing the rearward “push” of the rifle. Of course 5.56 is not a hard recoiling round, and there is not very much rearward push from the caliber to begin with… BUT this grip does make a noticeable difference. Especially with rapid strings of fire.

You will notice that the way that the grip is designed, it forces your hand to sit further back from the trigger. It may look a little odd upon first glance, but I found that it greatly helps my average sized hands to more easily place my trigger finger in the proper position. With most AR-15 grips I personally have to actively think about proper trigger finger placement, but with the Scorpion grip its just naturally right where it needs to be.



The other thing that I really like about this grip is the texture of the gripping surface. Its essentially a “stippling” style texture, and its very well executed. Its rough enough that it provides a secure surface to latch on to, while at the same time its most definitely not too rough to be abrasive to bare hands. It strikes a perfect balance that most everyone will find very satisfying.


ATI Tactlite stock & Adjustable Cheekrest Kit

ATI has introduced these two new products as separate kits. So, you can pick or pan as you so desire and as needed. The stock itself can be had as an entire kit which literally has everything that you need to setup a new rifle… Or just as a stand alone stock… Or packaged with the cheekriser kit.


The stock itself weighs in at a scant 5.8 ounces. It has a double sided QD attachment point and a very thin rubber recoil pad. Build quality is solid, and right on par with any other major manufacturer out there on the market. The stock locks firmly into position anywhere along the buffer tube, and even without the cheekrest kit cheek weld is very comfortable.

What sets this entire kit apart from other adjustable stocks on the market is its ability to accept the adjustable cheekrest. The kit includes everything you need to get it up and running and comes with both a tall and short checkrest. The tall rest will give you an additional 1 1/4 inches of adjustment, while the short will give you an additional 1/2 inch of adjustment.



For most scope heights you are going to want to just use the short cheekrest, however the high rest will have its place for use with extra high scope rings and/or a scope mounted on a carry handle.


Overall, the stock is superb. Its very well made, incredibly lightweight, and handles great. If you have the need for a cheekriser because of your optics setup, then the cheekriser kit is a solid solution that you should definitely check out.

The only downside that I have seen in any of the new ATI products centers around the use of the low riser… Since it extends slightly past the front of the stock, you will notice in the photo below that two problems can occur. First, you will lose the shortest adjustable position on the stock. Second, you will also need to have the stock fully extended to run the charging handle. This might be a deal breaker for you as far as the cheekriser is concerned or it may not. Its really all going to be determined by how you want your rifle setup and what your individual applications are.