MagGuts: +1 extension without the extension…

In the why the hell did I not think of that category… MagGuts… Change the mag internals and get a +1 without the extension. They make several units for various ‘mouse guns’. Bruce says they run fine.


With MagGuts™ you can add more rounds to your magazine without extending it!

Replace your magazine internals with top quality USA made components. Most conversions comprise a patented multi-spring system that allows the storage of additional round(s) without extending the mag while maintaining proper spring pressure and meeting or exceeding original performance.  Since you don’t replace the OEM magazine base pad, you also retain the original look and feel.

We understand that whether it is your primary carry, backup, or bedside pistol, reliability can not be sacrificed for any reason…including adding additional magazine capacity. MagGuts have been engineered and tested to add that additional round without any sacrifice in reliability. We guarantee it!

100% Made In U.S.A.