My thoughts on the Glock 43 [New 9mm Single Stack]…

*UPDATE* — Revealed

Wait, so you are going to talk about and critique a new gun even before it is announced?

Yes. Yes, I am.

Come on, we all know what Glock is going to unveil at NRA Convention… unless this is some crazy off the wall WTF, then its going to be a Glock 43 single stack 9mm… So here is the rub…

My thoughts on the new “Glock 43″ are going to be the same as the Glock 42… is it really that big of an advantage over a Glock 26? I figure that the Glock 43 will be roughly the same size/weight as the Glock 42 but probably a little bigger (maybe not) and almost certainly a little bit heavier…

From my past musings on the Glock 42…

Go compare the specs on the two guns. While Glock did significantly reduce the weight of the Glock 42 from the 26, the dimensions are still about the same minus a half inch here or there. Its just not enough to matter.

Yet Glock is still billing the new Glock 42 as a pocket pistol. Its not. Its still too long (0.47″ shorter than Glock 26) and still to tall (0.04″ shorter than the Glock 26) to be considered for true pocket pistol use. Yes, a Glock 26 can be pocket carried, but its hardly a practical EDC method. The same will also ring true with the Glock 42. People are going to have to carry it in a traditional holster.

So what is there to be gained? … Especially if it is an increase in weight over the .380??? Maybe you could save 6 oz in carry weight, but with the right holster does that even matter? Why sacrifice the capacity?

Hopefully they will be smart enough to price this gun at the $400 level to make it that much more appealing… at least that way it will have two pluses going for it.


*FULL DISCLOSURE: Yes, I will probably be buying one once all the Beta testers wring it out.

  1. Hopefully this will breed a full lineup of single stack Glocks. I’d love to have a full-sized single stack.

  2. You are right about the beta testing. There were problems with the Glock 42 and I would predict that the problems with the Glock 43 will be far worse. Just buy the ridiculously reliable 26 and be done with it.

  3. Before it before he was against it.

    I read through to the previous article. So are you now not in favor of the very fun that you earlier were asking Glock to produce?

    1. No. Not at all.

      I am just questioning the idea that it’s ‘the greatest carry gun ever, super whiz bang end all be all gun’. I personally don’t think its that great of an alternative to the 26 but a slimmer single stack is nice.

      The fact that Glock is finally producing this gun is wonderful. For one, I love anytime there is an added choice.

      Secondly, Business 101 dictates that Glock should produce this gun. Their customer base has been begging them to do so for years. If there is a demand there then it’s good business for them to fill it. Glock. Owners will be lining up to get one of these, and first time concealed carriers will also view this as a viable option.

      Yes, I think these guns will sell like hot cakes… And yes, there is a strong chance that I will eventually own one.

  4. Do you suppose if I go out in the barn and put out Glock 26 in the hydraulic press and apply enough pressure… I might make a Glock 43?

    Dann in Ohio

    1. Well you’ll need a mold to ensure proper compression to the final outcome. Which is what has been delaying this at Glock for so long. They finally got the mold worked out.

  5. “While Glock did significantly reduce the weight of the Glock 42 from the 26, the dimensions are still about the same minus a half inch here or there. Its just not enough to matter.”

    Perhaps not if you’re talking about barrel length, but it’s a HUGE difference in width. They don’t call Glocks “Blocks” for nothing. The fat Glock 26 profile is very difficult to conceal in an IWB holster, while my Springfield XDs disappears without a ripple, even under a tucked-in shirt.

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