1. …If you’ve ever bought a gun because you either had a holster or a box of ammo that fit.

    …if you’ve ever been browsing in a gun store and heard the counter clerk tell another customer, “You should go ask (NAME) over there; he knows more than I do about those.”

    …if you’ve ever spent half an hour talking guns with a cop- after he’s pulled you over. “Oh, you carry a Glock ? My department issues the SIG; how do you think it compares?”
    …if you’ve ever broken out into a cussing streak at a particular bit of Hollywood gun stupidity. “What do you mean, ‘It’s a Glock-the safety’s on the left’?! Haven’t you even looked at the prop gun?” (first season of ‘The Fringe’, BTW)

    1. A state trooper pulled me over a few miles after I went flying through a construction zone to get around a giant chunk of slow-moving traffic before my lane ended. I was easily going 25 or 30 over. I told him I’m licensed and carrying (obligated under state law), which is obvious since my S&W Bodyguard 380 is visibly tucked between the seat and center console. I gave him my IDs and paperwork, and he asked me to unload my gun and hand it to him (again, obligated if he asks for it).

      I watched him in my rearview mirror while he “played” with my gun for a few minutes, never using his radio. He came back and handed me my gun and stuff, then proceeded to talk guns for a few minutes on the side of a busy highway. He’s talking about not being able to find a Bodyguard 380 locally to replace his current BUG and hikes up his pant leg to show me his G26. After a bit, he told me to be safe and to wait for him to make an opening in the traffic. He nudges into traffic with his lights on to let me get back in and gives me a wave.

      No ticket, or even a written warning. Gotta love a cool cop, right?

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