1. That one really made me laugh. What it appears to be is a CO2 cartridge. WOW, that does look like a dangerous explosive . My advice to you sir is to call the SWAT team immediately and have them detonate that thing (they may need a good laugh too).

  2. He obviously has internet access…why not search “crossman” and see what comes up. In this day and age of connectivity, ignorance is no excuse. This is where pro gun groups could put some focus as far as general firearms knowledge and exposing the uninformed. Be proactive with the public rather than always on the defensive.

  3. Look Ted, my 6 year old grandson knows the difference between a CO2 cartridge and live ammo. Why should we give morons a break for being stupid? You can only educate an idiot with small words. Even the picture he took of the “live ammo” is distorted.

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