Appendix Carry – I can’t reholster. I just can’t do it…

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I just cant do it. I cant reholster when I am appendix carrying. Even when it is with a purpose built holster. I absolutely love appendix carry, but what with all the many ways that a negligent discharge can occur when doing so, I just cant bring myself to do it. I have to take the holster off and then reholster and then put the holster back on.

What about you? Do you reholster when appendix carrying or is it just me?

What else are you a mental-midget about when it comes to carrying?

  1. I have always carried in the “almost appendix carry” position and it is just perfect. I carry IWB just in front of my hip bone, far away from the family members but still in the front carry position. Sitting, standing, or crouching poses no problem and is only slightly uncomfortable for me. It is also far enough away from the artery to be safe just in case. I practice draws and reholstering about once a week with a loaded PPQ. Just keep you finger off the trigger.

    1. Its more than just the trigger finger… your jacket, shirt tail, jacket draw string, or anything else you have never thought of might get caught inside the trigger guard and BANG! I’m very paranoid about it.

  2. Well, if you are paranoid with this kind of carry and are not confident with your handling skills, then maybe this place of carry is not for you.

  3. Look in to the H&K P30 or P2000SK with the LEM trigger. Pre-cocked hammer-fired action that has a Glock-like trigger, but requires the hammer to move in order to fire. Keep your thumb on the hammer while you push the gun in to the holster, and if anything catches the trigger, it’ll try to move the hammer. If the hammer can’t move through its full cycle, no shot, no bang.

  4. Because of all the things you were concerned about, plus detailed reports of the “Glock Injury” suffered by a number of LEOs using a small of the back rig for their backup gun, when I took my first concealed carry training, I had already chosen OWB, appendix carry, with appropriate length polo shirts. Initally J-frame 60. No problem with reholstering. Moved to a .40 TSW with a retention holster, same location, no problem reholstering.
    Your concerns are completely valid. If you cannot be sure of safety in reholstering, you need to resolve the risk. Period.
    Stay safe.

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