Did Ruger just win the budget AR-15 wars?

I dont know if they did or not. I have no idea about how the quality is going to be on these, but at a sub $700 street price the Ruger AR-556 isĀ  going to be the rifle that the budget buyer is going to ask for first.

Ruger AR556

  1. Factor in likely sales events on AR type rifles from retailers struggling to move them (barring another panic), and the real price could drop below $500.

  2. I don’t think it will drop below $500, maybe in the $550-$600 range. May want to be competitive with DPMS AR-15s that cost in the low $600 range. Sometimes less from a certain dealer which shall remain nameless. (I missed out on an Oracle for $599 because I had already bought a Sportical) for $666 w/tax). If it does go for less than $600 street price, I *may* consider buying one just to have it. Looks like a nice rifle. Must read more reviews.

  3. Yeah. Actually $666.36 with tax at Walmart.
    Price was $617 and tax at 8% in South Carolina, 6% State, 1% County and 1% city. Bought it last November.

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