Lehigh Defense Certified Non-lead Ammunition

I honestly dont know how I feel about this. On the one hand you are filling a customer need, but on the other hand you are bowing to the anti-gun myth that lead ammo is ‘OMG! Run for your lives! Save the condor! OMG!’

What say you?

Here is the presser:

On July 29, 2014, Lehigh Defense received official non-lead ammunition certification from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.  This certification officially recognizes and approves the use of specific Lehigh Defense products for all non-lead areas.

The specific list of approved ammunition and bullets includes the following:

– Maximum Expansion Subsonic Rifle Ammunition
– Controlled Chaos Lead-Free Brass Rifle Ammunition
– Maximum Expansion Handgun Ammunition
– Controlled Fracturing Handgun Ammunition
– Xtreme Penetration Handgun & Rifle Ammunition
– Maximum Expansion Subsonic Rifle Bullets
– Controlled Chaos Lead-Free Brass Rifle Bullets
– Controlled Fracturing Copper Handgun Bullets
– Xtreme Penetration Copper Handgun & Rifle Bullets (for non-game hunting only in California)

For more information on the various Lehigh Defense lead-free technologies and product offerings, visit http://www.lehighdefense.com or contact Lehigh Defense at 215-536-4100.

  1. Once again, compliance with the law gives unexpected results. This should please those who hoped to thwart reality. We now have “Controlled Chaos”, “Extreme Penetration” (called armor piercing in war zones) and “Subsonic” (also referenced as “No silencer needed”.

    Progress through Non-Lead products.

    Keep your powder dry.
    ~Don McGaffey

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