Dear Flashlight Manufacturers…

Dear Flashlight Manufacturers,

I don’t know if you have gotten the memo or not, but the Lumen war is over. You won! Its now fully within the realm of reality to buy a flashlight that can melt the paint off of a car for well under $100. Give it a rest already.

We kinda aren’t really impressed anymore. Sure its a fun trick to melt your hunting buddy’s face off while you are all sitting around the camp fire but its honestly a one-trick-pony that is starting to get worn thin.

What do I want now as a consumer in a flashlight? Two words: run time. Do with run time what you did with the Lumen war. Dazzle me with a flashlight that can run for darn near eternity on a single set of CR123 batteries. Sure $5 for a new set of batteries is not going to break the bank, but I’m a cheapskate… and I hate, repeat hate having to ration my flashlight usage.

So if you flashlight manufacturers really want those R&D dollars to drive sales for you, then go after run time. Lumen value does nothing for me anymore. Its bright enough already. Give it a rest. Now go out and build us all something that we can leave on 24/7 and the world will beat a path to your door.


-Your humble blog keeper.


  1. He said CR 123 without saying it! Kinda like knocking AAA Batteries on their run time without saying, “Nobody should use a flashlight that uses AAA batteries! “

  2. They already make flashlights with extremely long run times. The problem is, it’s at the expense of lumens. That’s the trade off. You can’t have both.

  3. I totally agree. Runtime is the big bang… and in my opinion “range” is a key. If I wanted some super-luminous floodlight, I would carry a table lamp. I want something with a majorly extreme beam that can light up a coyote at a thousand feet without killing my batteries before the hunt is over.

    You can have both high lumens and long runtime if the circuits are built right. I have an 850 lumen flashlight called an M1000 Fusion that lasts 10 hours on a set of 123’s in 500 lumen mode and about 4 when I start out on high. The problem with most other lights is that they skimp out on quality internal parts and design and instead focus on beauty contests and shiny bezels.

    Hurrah for the end of the lumen sherade!!!!

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