Gun Counter Jockey Rule #3: Argue with the customer

Customer Service Rules

Thats it… Right? Rule #3? Or is it a little further down the list?

So I was in the local gun shop the other day and the gun counter jockey who was behind the counter was playing with an AR-15 lower… Click, reset, click, reset, click, reset… ‘I just don’t know what I think about this here trigger yet.’, he said. After about the 10th time or so I had to chime in with a few soft words and say “You can damage that thing by doing that, you know.”

And then he begins to argue with me about how ‘thats not even remotely possible, they do it all the time, he’s never seen anything like that happen, and if it did break then he wouldn’t want to own that piece of junk anyway’.

It was interesting because it was entirely a one-way argument that he was having. I even tried to give him┬áseveral friendly ways to back out two or three times during the one sided debate… “Well, I’ve personally never seen it happen, but…” (…) “Yeah I know what you are saying, but I sure would hate to have to tell my boss that I broke something…” (…) “Yeah, you may be right…” But with each time that I opened my idiot mouth he just kept digging himself deeper and deeper into the depths of piss poor customer service. Right up and until the point where I had enough and I literally had to walk away to end it. “Look, I’m not gonna argue with you, and I honestly don’t care what you do… but I personally wouldn’t do it with mine.”

Now, like I said earlier I have never seen an AR lower get damaged from pulling the trigger without an upper on it, but who gives a crap… I dont care if its 100% an urban legend. Are you really gonna sit there and argue with a customer over something so trivial? I’m not advocating any kind of reckless or dangerous activity here that needs to be immediately corrected to save someone from harm. I’m talking about not pulling the trigger on a partially dissembled gun. But not only is his the one starting the argument, but he’s the one being argumentative the entire time and is pushing it forward at every step along the way. Wow.

I think probably the best course of action for that clown behind the counter is to just agree to disagree and leave it at that. A customer should not have to literally walk away to end the argument that they are trying very hard to make clear that they dont want to have. Maybe one line of push-back at the statement I made to inform me that you disagree and then leave it at that. I mean just imagine if you got that kind of treatment at any other retail establishment. Wow. It would be bad.

Get over yourself, Dude.

  1. You won’t “shoot your eye out” but you can snap off the bolt catch. Been there done that, it’s definitely not an urban legend.

  2. Unfortunately, most counter jockeys think that the job comes with a PhD and instant omniscience. I shop as hard for the guy who’ll take credit for my sale as I do the firearm itself.

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