In which I troll the entire gun blog-o-sphere in one single post…

Gasp! I’ve been using “the world’s most controversial holster in the world” to carry my new summer EDC with.

Thats right… What you see pictured there is a Ruger LCR with a Versa Carry holster (Gen 1 – I’ve talked about that a great deal in the past). And guess what… I’m doing it appendix carry! Oh the horror!

Ruger LCR

Exit Question: Too much flash?


    1. Well its OK because as per the instructions you are not supposed to carry a with a round in the chamber. So… hammer down on an empty (cowboy style)… bad guy comes at me and I am still Special Ops enough to draw, chamber, spin the cylinder, catch phrase, and drop that tango like a sack of potatoes.

      And oh yeah, open carry cause I like to see people try to tell me I dont have that right. Then run to the YouTubes and post the vid because ‘Merica!

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