ProMag Archangel Introduces new Modern Stock for Mosin Nagant

Alternate Headline: I really, really, want all three of these products for my Mosin

Archangel Mosin Nagant Stock

At SHOT Show 2013 Archangel had this new stock on dispaly for the Mosin Nagant that really turns it into a modern sniper rifle. MSRP is $199 for the stock and $24.99 for the 10 round detachable magazine. The other product featured in this video is a Mosin drop in trigger from Timney – MSRP $103.95 Couple all of these together and you have one heck of a modern sniper rifle that the Russian Army could only have dreamed about.

Hat Tip: GH&G

  1. Nope. The Archangel Division of ProMag has been cranking out some really high quality stuff! Their AAM1A stock kicks serious @$$!!!!! Accurate, lightweight, comfortable, and a good price. I can’t wait for the Mosin stock!

  2. This really opens up the old guns real possibilities. With this new stock and detachable mag you now have a supremo scout rifle. You can’t shoot any other gun as cheap as this one. 7.62×54 is an excellent round and at 9 dollars a box of twenty? Your equivalent Wall mart new rifle can’t shoot that cheap and likely wont have a 10 round mag option.

  3. The stock fits very close to allow for a Mosin Sniper bend, of which there are hundreds of guys on google that do. I highly recommend Jim Robert for the best of those. For scoping, I recommend S&K, scopemounts (dot) com.

  4. I have a Rocksolid scope mount. This stock would need to be inleted for the turn down bolt. Unfortunately there apears to be a metal plate mounted on the side of this stock where the inleting would need to be. Will this be a problem for me? I will buy a different stock, such as Boyd, before I get rid of the Rocksolid scope mount as it is the best on the market.

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