Photo of the Day: Tactical Reload

I’ve temporarily moved to working with a snubbie as my EDC gun lately. Since I dont have any speed loaders of any kind in my possession, what you see pictured there is my redneck-engineering way of carrying more than just the five rounds that New York lawmakers wish we would all be limited to.

Lady Smith with Reloads

Its a change purse. I carry it in my back pocket, and it works out real nice for reloads. I can dump the empties and then hold both the gun and the change purse in one hand and reload with the other. Just takes a few seconds to get up and running again. Its also not uncomfortable when sitting down.

Exit Question: Compensating for the size of my penis by carrying a “Lady Smith“? You darn right I am!

  1. Dude, that change purse looks a lot like a fashion accessory. :)

    Seriously, a magnum snubbie is no sissy gun. Any man or woman who totes one is okay in my book.

    My carry gun is a Ruger SP101 stoked with 357s.

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