Special Thanks to Crimson Trace

… Who found out about my new concealed carry gun and decided that they wanted to put one of their lasers on it. So they sent me one of their new Gen 4 Glock Lasergrips.

I am going to be taking the same approach to blogging about this laser as I am doing with my new Gen 4 Glock 26 in that I will essentially be doing a lot of long term blogging about this laser as it serves duty as an EDC tool.

I have mentioned these new Gen 4 lasers in the past and they are very fine laser aiming devices. One of the best things about this laser is that there is no need to go out and buy all new holsters. It will work just fine with about 99.999% of holsters that already fit your gun. Thats huge. If you are building a carry combo from the ground up then you may want to give their Laserguards a look. However, if you are already entrenched in holsters for your carry gun like I am, then these Lasergrips are a very cost effective way to get one of their great products onto your gun.

Give them a try, I have been very pleased with the product thus far.

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