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Gun Porn

Pics of a gun in an airport (I think you see what I did there) and a great read on flying with one of those evil, only belongs on a battlefield, baby killing tools of anarchists. Gasp! I am shocked, shocked I tell you to find out that the darn thing didnt just hijack the plane all by itself! Run for your lives!

On a side note… since I just returned from the friendly skies (Vegas, Baby!) I will share my own “gun porn” on a plane story. Read Full Post…

FPS Russia Makes Appearance in new Call of Duty Trailer

Alternate Headline: You have arrived!

FPS Russia (full fake accent and all) makes his cameo at the 35 second mark in the new Call of Duty Black Ops II trailer… right after some hot girl on a horse (why?) and Robert Downey Jr. Impressive. Read Full Post…

An AR15 in Australia Will Cost ya $9,000

And that is at a reduced rate because this one was made in-country. All other ARs that are imported must be destroyed after use. So says The Firearm Blog. Very interesting.

Remember when I said a while back that this recent “war on cheap guns” trial balloon was a slippery slope? Well, $9,000 Modern Muskets are the end result… if you can get the proper license, of course. Oh, come on… its just “common sense” gun laws; shoulder-thingy that goes up!

Here is what $9,000 will buy you is Aussie-Land… sans optics:

That New Blogger Smell

Yes, Paul… you smell! lol

Brandon has welcomed a new blogger to the Monderno (spelled correctly) fold. Paul kicks things off with his first ever post on why he carries. Good read. Go check it out…. here.

*Exit question: Why is it so hard for me to get some interns of my own around here? lol

Seen in the Wild

Alternate Headline: Shut up and take my money!

Yep, I have seen them all over the Interwebs for I dont know how long, but Saturday was actually the first time ever I have seen one of these in the wild. There is a local small business in my neck of the woods, and the head boss man job creator apparently fully supports the 2nd Amendment. It was my first time at that particular establishment, but I can assure you that I am now a  customer for life.

Mini-G M1 Garand – Everything the Ruger Scout Rifle Should’ve Been

Dont get me wrong, I do like the Ruger Scout Rifle. I most definitely love the concept and 100% agree with everything the great Col Cooper had to say about the original…. I am just of the camp that believes that it should be done as a semi-auto, magazine fed design.

Mini-G M1 Garand

And thats where the Mini-G M1 Garand comes in. The Firearm Blog reported on this last week, and Read Full Post…