In Which I Post Pictures of my Cleaning Kit

Yes, it has become a meme. So here is mine:

I know, its nothing special, but thats really all I need – and its portable! If you have been reading this blog for a while then you know that I am not one that gets all jazzed about cleaning my guns. I do it when necessary, but my guns are probably not as clean as what most Gunnies would think they should be. Plus since I have discovered Frog Lube I am finding that my guns just arent as dirty and nasty as they usually are. Like I said in the review I did a while back… that stuff really takes all the hard labor out of cleaning my AR and all my other guns just pretty much get wiped down and re-Frog Lubed.

It that box above I have rods and brushes and boresnakes, and thats pretty much it. The other big thing that is a must-have for me when cleaning guns is paper towels… I just cant get by without them.

Thats it. Pretty simple. Pretty easy. And it gets the job done.