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Beretta Vegas Shooting Range Back On?

If you have been following things on the blog, I have been doing some ongoing coverage of the loony opposition to Beretta wanting to open a high-end gallery store front and shooting range on the Vegas Strip. The local powers-that-be have really wet their pants over this one…. besides the fact that Bass Pro Shops already has a store front and shooting range inside of a casino in Vegas, they somehow think that “blood will run in the streets” if Beretta opens one. Read Full Post…

One Nun

Thats the rating that the Versa Carry Holster World’s Most Controversial Holster in the World received in Tom’s review.

I have reviewed the Gen 1 and Gen 2 version of the Versa Carry in the past here on the blog … compare and contrast as you so desire.

Its like the Flash-Bang Holster…

… but with “side boob”.

In all seriousness, if I were a female I would probably take a look at this holster style. It looks like it might be great (however, I am not a woman, so it may in fact suck).

On a side note, this observation via Andrew.

Me: “You can’t use the Flashbang in a dress?”

Lisa Looper: “Can’t get to it.”

Me: “Oh. Yeah. That would be a lot of flash.”

Guns and Chick-Fil-A

Here is a great read about the lies of the far left… and the importance behind not giving an inch on gun rights – or anything else for that matter. Its a brilliant analysis and he is absolutely right that this is exactly how the left plays their little game.

I have heard a lot of people on the left self righteously complain that conservatives are unwilling to agree to “common sense gun control” that we  are unreasonable fanatics who would oppose restrictions on the ownership of Sherman Tanks.

Most of all; we are totally wrong to believe that the left is after our guns just because of the proposed assault weapon ban.

Why would we have such a belief, how can the folks on the right even think we on the left are after their guns, all their guns?

The answer: Chick-Fil-A