It may be a good time to buy that gun you’ve been eyeing

By Sam Rolley / Personal Liberty Digest Gun and ammo prices have fallen a bit since most of the Obama administration’s anti-firearm agenda fell flat over the past couple of years. But gun sellers say Democrat Hillary Clinton’s promise to do what Obama couldn’t, coupled with increasing poll numbers, mean prices for firearms and ammo areā€¦

  1. Since I reload, my plan is to order a couple hundred each .224″ and .308″ and .3105″ immediately, then depending on who wins the election, either breath a sigh of relief (Trump) or order a couple thousand more and powder and primers next month.
    Don’t need another rifle, ARs in 5.56/.223 and 300BLK (both suppressed), and a .223 Wylde AR Pistol, plus my trusty 1942 Izhevsk KO91/30

    1. Buying powder is still a crapshoot in our neck of the woods, even in big sporting goods stores. Not sure if I want to buy mail order since HAZMAT fees make prices soar.

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