The ban on semi-auto guns that the Dems want will include revolvers…

Real quick and dirty here…

Bernie called for a ban on semi-auto firearms. Its a trial balloon.

Other pundits in the blog-o-sphere have pointed out the magnitude of how far reaching that would be and how it would scoop up nearly every mainstream choice in personal protection handguns as well as numerous hunting rifles, shotguns, and 22s.

Here is my point, the narrative is already being formed to push the semi-auto ban and the wording being used to brainwash the low information voters of this country would also set the table for a ban on revolvers…

Semi-automatic weapons are capable of shooting a single round with each pull of the trigger and, consequently, can fire rapidly.

Did you catch that… “capable of shooting a single round with each pull of the trigger“.

Gee, I wonder if that would be the wording the law uses that Feinstein currently has waiting in her desk drawer?

I will also add that this falls right in line with what Feinstein did the last go around where the bill she introduced would have banned EVERY semi-auto firearm. PERIOD.

Here’s the problem none of the “news” reports have spotted:

  • The list of guns doesn’t matter.
  • Magazine size doesn’t matter.
  • If the semi-auto firearm has anything to grip it by, it is banned.
  • It’s very clever actually.

According to the bill, any semiautomatic firearm that uses a magazine — handgun, rifle or shotgun — equipped with a “pistol grip,” would be banned. That sounds like a limitation, but it is not.

A pistol grip (on page 2) is defined (on page 13) as “a grip, a thumb-hole stock, or any other characteristic that can function as a grip.” In other words, the gun list does not matter. It is a smokescreen designed to distract people from the true meaning of the bill. And it has done a magnificent job. It worked!

Any semi-automatic firearm that exists, with anything on it you can grip, is banned

* I also wonder if this new and definitively more aggressive push for gun control is to pave the way for Obama to do something extremely aggressive. He has nothing to lose. The Dems are set to lose the next election in a landslide. Why not go for broke?


  1. If the MILLIONS of lawful gun owners around the entire country let this government know in no uncertain terms that they will not obey any gun laws that deprive them of their RIGHT to self defense against a criminal armed with a gun or a knife or a club or a chemical weapon , or a —- well the list can get pretty long, then what’s the government going to do? They can’t arrest MILLIONS of lawful gun owners. Some of these are senior citizens like me. Some disabled, like many veterans. They can’t possibly go house to house looking for weapons. It would be the start of the Obama Civil War.
    I have exercised MY rights under the 2nd Amendment for half a century now. I have served my Country in Vietnam and my state as a LE Officer for over half my life now. I have taken the oath to defend the Constitution more times than I count now.
    I’m not giving up anything to this government related to my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. If Obama wants to order crap, or Clinton does, then there will be a lot of blood on their hands. Maybe mine but I’ve lived a long life. I might as well go out still fighting for the Constitution.
    They are so upset because they can NOT come up with even one single law that will impact criminals and their criminal behavior that won’t violate peoples Constitutional RIGHTS, so they think that they can actually eliminate guns by mandating laws against their possession by lawful people because they actually think lawful people will obey their laws. Maybe some will but I think that there will be really millions that won’t.
    Its getting closer for every American to take a stand and make a decision. Look at what happened in every other country that disarmed their people. Total destruction of the people afterward.
    I’ll die fighting before I’ll stand there like a medicated lamb going to slaughter.

  2. Nothing would please me more than to see the Democrats try to make the election about gun control. As in previous attempts it would spell their doom and make the Democrat gun control agenda toxic again for the next 20 years.

  3. People, it is not about, helping, it is about confiscation of all firearms. It amounts to controlling the people. The only avenue open to control is total confiscation. Then we will be down to clubs, bows, knifes, cars, what ever we can find to defend ourselves from the politicians and criminals. When politicians do away with Constitutional rights, they are criminals, in my book.

  4. “Why…we the people…have a Second Amendment…!”

    The Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution is there for a simple reason;

    Our Founding Fathers wisely understood that even in a national government of supposedly limited powers could overstep its bounds and infringe upon the rights of the American people. In the landmark Heller and Macdonald decisions, the U.S. Supreme Court recognized that the Founders considered the Second Amendment a failsafe “Individual Right” that would provide the American people with the ways and means “to oppose an Oppressive Governmental Military Force if the constitutional order ever broke down in America.”

    Whatever else that can be said about the efficacy or integrity of the U.S. Government these days, America is fortunate that its Citizens still have ample means and ways to seek a peaceful redress of grievances. Yet a new poll shows that the Founders’ very concerns about the overreaching tendencies of centralized power remain on the mind of many U.S. Citizens throughout America. Gallup reported on Monday that the share of 90% of Americans are saying that the federal government under Obama poses “an immediate and internal threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens” has risen from 30 percent in 2003 to 49 percent today and continues to climb at this very minute…!

    Those Americans who believe that the government controlled by the Obama Administration poses a real threat say that it does so in a wide range variety of areas, ranging from the feeling that the U.S. government wields too much executive power in general, to numerous specific concerns. Gallup notes, however, that “[t]he most frequently mentioned specific threats involve Firearms Control Laws and Violations of the Second Amendment to the Constitution, which is mentioned by 52% of Americans who perceive the government to be an immediate internal threat.” That was a greater percentage of Americans than those expressing concern over the governments surveillance of Americans’ email and phone recorded activities, Obama care, and encroachments on freedom of religion, press and other First Amendment Rights Violations by the Obama Administration…!

    Gallup also reports that during the four-year gap between its 2006 and 2010 polls, the share of Democrat and Democrat-leaning constituents believing the government posed an immediate threat decreased from 59 percent to 26 percent, while the share of Republican GOP and Republican-leaning constituents holding the same opinion increased from 24 percent to 63 percent. For that reason, Gallup concludes that party affiliation tends to determine whether a person perceives a threat, with Liberals more likely to having felt threatened during the presidency of George W. Bush and Conservatives more likely to having the same opinion since Barack Obama took office.

    However, Gallup’s numbers show that constituents of both parties are more threatened by government power under Obama than they were during the Bush administration. Comparing responses from the two parties by averaging the results of the four polls taken during each administration shows that Democrats are four points more suspicious of government under Obama than Republicans were under Bush. The poll also shows that, overall, Republicans are more threatened by the government under Obama than Democrats were under Bush as seen in Oregon with the protests against Obama with the last shooting there…!

    But make no mistake, any way you break down the numbers, a growing number of Americans of all political persuasions see the Obama administration as a Real Threat to our freedoms and our way of life, more than from ISIS…!

    Gallup’s take-away from its polls is that “the persistent finding in recent years that half of the population views the government as an immediate internal threat underscores the degree to which the role and power of government remains a key issue of our time. . . . From the people’s perspective, then, a focus on the appropriate role for government should be at the forefront of the nation’s continuing political discourse and should be a key point of debate in the current presidential election campaigns for the leadership of the White House.”

    The United States is unique in its commitment to an armed citizenry. It is also unique in the level of personal freedoms and self-determinations enjoyed by its peoples. We don’t think that’s a coincidence. We also don’t think it’s any surprise that more and more Americans are feeling concerned about a Obama government that increasingly signals it doesn’t trust them with their fundamental freedoms, including America’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

    One solution, of course, is provided by Article II of the Constitution, which details the manner in which Americans are to elect their next president. We as Americans in 2016 again have the opportunity to exercise that sacred freedom…!. Candidates on both sides of the aisle have already begun articulating their views on the Second Amendment, and gun owners should be paying close attention to the Democratic Liberals like Clinton, who are planning to aggressively assault the American Second Amendment . If Americans again elect an Liberal Executive who does not hold the trust of the people, we will have only ourselves to blame….!

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