We must ban Oklahoma! Because Racist!


Alternate Headline: I guess the opinion of the Indian Code Talkers doesn’t matter.

Well, the .gov finally did it. It is now officially, official that ‘Redskins’ is deemed to be racist… the NFL team has now lost their trademark/patent and the team is essentially being forced by the .gov to change their name. Yes, I said forced. Thats because financially speaking it is way to valuable to hold a trademark/patent on your team’s name/images. So, yes, the government just forced it’s will upon a privately owned business. America!

Obama hosts Chicago Blackhawks in Washington

Like everything else associated with big-government and for the sake of protecting the constitutionality of ‘equal protection’, I have to ask where exactly does it stop? Is the Washington Redskins the pound of flesh that they are looking for, or are all the other Indian themed teams next? Oh, there are of course the obvious professional teams out there…

Obama Little League

But there are also countless, college and high school teams that no one on the national level has ever heard of too. There is a ton of them across the entire sports spectrum. Will they too have to change their names or face the burden of costly litigation?

Obama Univ of North Dakota

Spike lee knicks

But what about all the teams that you didn’t know were “racist”? Is the .gov going to go after them too? I bet you didn’t know that the New York Yankees had a racist name? Yep. Its a slur against Dutch Americans. What About the New York Knicks? Also a slur against Dutch Americans. How about the Boston Celtics? Yep, also racist ethnic slur.


Obama Celtics

How about the Fighting Whities? Or the old Negro League team, The Black Crackers. Are we going to get ourselves all worked up about those too?

And last but not least… did you know that the entire state of Oklahoma is racist! They must be since they are choosing of their own free will to live there. Oklahoma literally means “Red People”. So are we going to go after that one too? And what about all the sports teams, companies, and associations that have ‘Oklahoma’ in their name? And oh, yeah, while we are at it there are 19 other states that will have to change their name now too.

And while we are at it, I guess we need to also ban the terms, ‘picnic’, ‘peanut gallery’, ‘uppity’ and ‘hip hip hooray’ – Yeah, that last one literally means ‘lets go kill some Jews’.

We’re all racists now! Well, only if a handful of activists say you are.