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We are the only ones government-y enough!

Alternate Headline: Only moving at the speed of government will stop blood from running in the street, or something…


You know, it makes me chuckle how senator dumbass (Seen above) and everyone else in the civilian disarmament crowd are just now getting all worked up about 80% lowers. It makes me laugh because they have been pretty mainstream and major companies have been openly selling them for quite some time now. I dont really know for sure how long, but a quick search shows me that people were comfortable enough with their legality to post how-to videos on YouTube as far back as more than 2 years ago. TWO YEARS! Thats how fast our all knowing government takes to move to protect their livestock.

Hell, you can even buy them on Amazon now.

But here we have these lunatics literally peeing their pants over Read Full Post…

My thoughts on Ruger/S&W pulling out of the CA marketplace

Gun Control

If you have not yet heard the news yet, S&W and Ruger are going to let their guns drop-0ff of the list of California approved guns because they can’t/won’t pursue complying with the new micro-stamping requirement.

So how do I feel about this? Well, I like it… but at the same time I don’t like it. Here is why… Read Full Post…

2014 Sundance Film Festival Entry – ‘Tim and Susan have matching handguns’

Well, OK then.  Believe it or not, ‘Tim and Susan have matching handguns’ is an actual film at Sundance this year. I guess to Hollywood hipsters this is some kind of far off, strange world that must be documented…with the clever spin of “Love is swapping clips with your spouse in the middle of a Three-Gun Problem.”

Meanwhile in Real-Linda…

*Look, I hate cats too, Buddy, but dont point your gun at them.