Kwick Strike

Well, I dont really know what I think about this new product called the Kwick Strike

I have derided gimmicky “gun safes” in the past here on the blog… this product for sure has that aspect, but on the other hand it does lock… so it does have that going for it. I honestly just dont know about the overall practicality of all this.

Kwick Strike is a portable and mountable gun safe made from heavy duty 12 gauge steel. The unit is designed with theft prevention in mind by incorporating a steel universal mounting bracket that is bolted to the floorboard using 3 heavy duty bolts and washers. The washers cover a large surface area under the vehicle and make ripping the unit out an after-thought. Using a hardened steel locking assembly your firearm is safely locked away in the pry-proof steel safe.

Its certainly fast and easily accessible. As you will see from the below video, it just takes a second or two to access (you can even actuate it with the side of your knee), but unless you are driving through downtown Baghdad (Detroit) I just dont really know if all of this is really needed. And as far as a pistol safe for the home is concerned, I really dont like ones that are not electronic. I dont know, maybe I am just naive.


Kwick Stand for safe access at your home

  1. Eric, thanks so much for writing about Kwick Strike. Kwick Strike was created for 2 reasons. 1) To provide the fastest access possible to your handgun 2) To provide a safe place to store your firearm. The thought is that in a high stress situation you don’t have time to dig through your console or through your purse to try and find your firearm. Furthermore, there are many CHL holders in the Country that want a safe place to store their firearm when they are commuting or when they access a place that doesn’t allow firearms. Law enforcement officers are using Kwick Strike to store their backup pistol because it is much more quickly accessed than their service pistol that’s strapped behind a seat belt. This safe is certainly not for everyone but if you are serious about accessing your firearm as quick as possible and storing it in a safe place, it’s for you. A person should consider the below points….

    How fast can you access your firearm when seconds count?

    Is your firearm currently in your console? Under cd’s, koozies, pens and paper? Strapped in the holster to protect it from scratching?

    How fast can you open your console and get to your firearm when seconds count?

    Kwick Strike was created to protect your firearm from being accessed by anyone other than you. With the turn of a key the unit is active and ready to deliver your firearm to you.

    Is your firearm open and exposed? Mounted under your steering wheel or on your seat? Maybe under your seat?

    How safe is your gun from a thief? How safe is your gun from a child?

    When you leave your vehicle your firearm is under lock and key with Kwick Strike.

    Eric, thanks again for writing about Kwick Strike and for giving me the opportunity to respond.

  2. I recently purchased a Kwick Strike and have never felt more safe in my truck. I’ve had two instances in Texas (not Baghdad) in the past 5yrs where I’ve had to retrieve my pistol; one late night at a stop light and another during broad daylight in a parking lot where a person approached my truck. In both cases, I was frantically searching for my weapon…with Kwick Strike, I know I have immediate access to my firearm without ever having to take my eyes off the threat. Shortly after purchasing a KS, I showed my step-dad who’s a police officer in Houston and he told me a story where some punk kids threw a bottle at his wife and mother in law while they were in their front yard gardening. Luckily, he was within ear shot, jumped in his personal truck and a chase ensued. The kids ended up crashing and fleeing and in the process, my stepdad lost valuable seconds searching for his weapon before chasing them on foot. As soon as I showed him the KS, he said he wanted one in his personal truck and patrol vehicle. I truly believe you don’t have to look past the nightly news to find situations everyday where this product can provide confidence and peace of mind while traveling or at home. In my opinion everyone is safer and more prepared with a KS.

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