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Don’t worry, Guvs, you can still start a civil war with what you CAN pass.

10-8 Performance Glock Sights

Modifying the Glock – Part 1

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Jerry Miculek Practical Rifle DVD from Brownells

CORE15 LPK’s In-Stock

Double Barrel Biden on Armed Self-Defense: Fire Your Shotgun Through Your Door

Diane Feinstein Intends To Fight

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CO: Hickenlooper Will Support Bill Limiting Magazines

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Fast, Good, or Cheap? – You May Not Have a Choice.

CAA AR15 Window Magazine

Boberg Arms XR9-L (Long)

Ok Joe, I’ll get a Shot gun

Gun Companies vs Law Enforcement

Overlooked Survival Tips

Favorite Shotguns and Accessories

Is the Industry Moving?

About Those Ammo and Reloading Component Shortages & Price Increases

Must See: Murph the Protector (Suggest it to Teachers)

MyGunDB: Firearm Collection Management Software for the Masses

Osama had documents from Bradley Manning

Six reasons “practical” competition isn’t

STI Guardian .45 ACP

First Impressions: Centurion Arms SBR, modified

Plate Carrier Cumber – AR500 steel plates

Spyderco’s ENUFF Leaf An Amazing Small Fixed Blade Knife

German WW2 sea mines still work today (15 Photos)

We took the plunge!